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Two brothers. Only $25.

Introducing Ben Yehuda Press

Two Jews. Three books. And then some.

Ben Yehuda Press began with three books: Each one a fine execution of a brilliant idea.

All those books lacked was a publisher. The titles didn’t fall into any of the niches claimed by existing Jewish publishing companies – but weren’t of wide enough interest – that is to say, sufficiently pareve – to interest a general publisher.

We saw books that deserved to be published for their excellence... but like an idea too new for a Dewey Decimal number, seemed to exist outside the prescribed parameters for a “Jewish book.”

So we started Ben Yehuda Press to give these books a home.

We’re traditional... and innovative.

We take Judaism seriously... and are secure enough in our identity to be amused by it, too.

We respect Jewish organizations and see the larger Jewish community for the Noah’s Ark that it is, for the Tower of Babel that it is, and for the Garden of Eden that it can be. We also see more and more Jews who don’t fit into any of the usual boxes.

And we love books.

We love publishing great books.

And we love finding the right books to reach more Jews where they are.


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Ben Yehuda Press publishes Jewish books, broadly defined. From Torah commentaries to Jewish renewal, from fiction to journalism, we seek out and publish great books for all kinds of Jews. More...

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